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What is ELSA Speak?

ELSA Speak is the only English language learning and communication app that can help you correct pronunciation errors to every syllable thanks to Artificial Intelligence capable of exclusive voice recognition voted Top 5 in the World. Based on the results of your pronunciation test, Elsa also offers an individual learning path that is best suited for each learner, saving you time and improving your learning efficiency.

Does ELSA have a trial version?

Of course, you will have access to and experience the features of ELSA in the Welcome planet and the first 2 lessons of all our other topics. You can download the ELSA app completely free-of-charge and register to start using the free version of ELSA.

How to download?

Step 1: Visit CH Play / Google Play or App Store → search for ELSA Speak, then download and install it on your device (Android / iOS phone / tablet).

Step 2: Click this link and download.
Note: In case you cannot find ELSA Speak on App Store using an iPad, please switch to the "iPhone only" mode (at the upper left while in the search bar) to make ELSA visible for download.

Sign up for an account

Open the ELSA Speak app → Tap "Next"Select the native languageSelect the pronunciation level → select your preferred time for ELSA to send you a push notification as a reminder to practice your English → Tap "Get started" → Tap “Allow” notification for ELSA Speak

For Android:

For iOS

Option 1:
Select "Register with Facebook" → Log in to your Facebook account → Tap "Continue"
Option 2: Select "Register by Email" → Fill in your email and set a password for your ELSA Speak account → Tap "Sign up" (ELSA encourages users to register with an email account for better account management)
If you would like to create an ELSA account on PC/ Laptop, please access this link and back to the application for usage.

How to activate membership/ voucher code

Please make sure that you have registered an ELSA account before heading to this section. Otherwise, please refer to the “Sign up for an account” section above to create an account.
For Android phone/ tablet: Samsung,Oppo,Xiaomi,... (Click here to watch video)
1. Open the ELSA Speak app and log in to your ELSA account by Email / Facebook.
2. In the lower right corner of the screen please click "Profile""Get ELSA Pro""Have a promo code" (in the lower left corner of the screen)
3. Enter the activation code with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and press "Redeem" → The code should be activated successfully
4. Return to the "Profile" tab to log out of your account and sign in again for the system to update.
5. Account activated successfully (check again at "Profile" tab).
For iOS devices: iPhone, iPad
1. Go to www.elsaspeak.com/redeem
2. Log in to your ELSA account via email / facebook (If you are not registered, you can create an account directly on this website by clicking on the "Register" button)
3. Enter the activation code with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and press "Redeem"
4. Open the ELSA Speak app, log out and sign in with the ELSA account to update your status.
5. Account activated successfully (check again in the card "Profile" tab => Select the gear settings in the right corner of the screen).

Can Elsa be studied offline?

ELSA requires a strong, stable data connection to communicate with our server. As such, kindly connect to your device's mobile data or a Wi-Fi to access ELSA's lessons.

How many devices can Elsa use?

Currently users can use an Elsa account on multiple phones / tablets using different Android / iOS operating systems of yours. However, Elsa cannot be used on PC / Laptop, Blackberry, and Windows system phones.
To use Elsa on another device, simply download the Elsa app and log in to your account again!

Why can't my code be activated again?

Each activation code is only valid for use once, so users are not able to reactivate the code. To use Elsa Pro on another device, simply download the ELSA Speak app and sign in to your Pro account on that device!

Packages fee

Please click here to find out more about the different packages offered.

Upgrade to ELSA PRO in-app

  • For iOS (iPhone/iPad): Tap ProfileGet ELSA Pro → Select a package and make payment

  • For Android (Samsung, Oppo, etc.): Tap ProfileGet ELSA Pro → Select a package and make payment

Cancelling subscription and requesting a refund

For Android:
Here are the Terms and Conditions for Google where you can find out more about the auto-renewal function.
  • Click here for refund instructions

  • Click here to learn how to cancel your automatic subscription

For Apple-iOS (iPhone/iPad):
Here are the Terms and Conditions for Apple where you can find out more about the auto-renewal function.
  • Click here for refund instructions.

  • Click here to learn how to cancel your automatic subscription

Why can't the Lifetime membership be found on the app?

Lifetime memberships are only distributed on ELSA's and our official distribution partners' websites. Please click this link to purchase our package.

Why was I automatically charged on my account after payment for a voucher code?

This can happen when users register for the 7-day Trial and forget to cancel their trial subscription before it was renewed to a 3-month subscription plan. Under Apple's / Google play's purchase policy, a notification would have been sent to users to remind them of an incoming charge for the 3-month subscription.
In addition, as Apple's and Google Play's payment systems work separately from our voucher code redemption system, Apple / Google Play will not automatically cancel users' subscriptions after they have redeemed their voucher codes. As such, upon purchase of the voucher code, an email would be sent to users reminding them to cancel any existing subscriptions they may have to avoid being renewed & charged for it.
In accordance with the privacy policy of users from Apple / Google, ELSA is not able to cancel users' subscriptions directly. Should you have been charged for the 3-month subscription, kindly refer to the instructions to cancel auto-renewal and request a refund in the section above.

What are the ideal conditions for practicing with ELSA?

To be able to hear ELSA's pronunciation clearly and record your voice accurately, users are advised to practice in the following conditions:

  • An a quiet environment

  • Strong, stable Wi-Fi connection (25-80 Mbps)

  • Wearing wired headphones/earphones (Recommended but not required)

  • Avoid bluetooth audio devices as they are prone to disruptions and disconnections.

Why is the volume so low?

To increase the volume for lessons, please adjust the media volume of your device directly by pressing on its hard keys. If the volume is at its maximum but you still don't hear clearly, use headphones to learn for the best results!

How to adjust the volume?

Currently, the app has two independent volume systems, which can be adjusted as follows:
Adjusting lesson volume (Listen to Elsa reading samples, feedback): you can adjust the media volume of the device being used by increasing / decreasing directly on the device's hard keys. If the volume is at its maximum but you still don't hear clearly, use headphones to learn for the best results!
Adjusting sound effects volume: Go to PROFILE → LEARNING & SOUND SETTINGS → Adjust the VOLUME bar

How to learn with ELSA - using the app

Each person will have their own effective way of learning. However, here are the methods that are considered to be the most effective in optimizing ELSA's A.I. technology:

  • Take the "Assessment Test" to create your customized lesson plan.

  • Study with ELSA regularly: every day; Just 10 minutes / day is sufficient! Follow your lesson plan by tapping on the NEXT button at the main screen (Skills page) → The system will lead you to the next lesson of your study plan. (Don't forget to go to Profile → Learning & Sound Settings → Turn on “Daily Reminders” so ELSA can remind you to study daily)

  • Review vocabulary in the Word Bank (Go to ProgressWord Bank)

  • Practice your pronunciation with words outside of our curriculum by going to the Dictionary → Type the word you want to learn → Pronounce and get instant feedback!

In addition, you may watch our ELSA tutorial video over HERE.

Why doesn't ELSA have Vietnamese/ Japanese translation?

ELSA offers lesson definitions & translations for our normal pronunciation and conversation lessons, as well as the Dictionary. To view the translations for the respective lessons, kindly follow the instructions below:

  • Pronunciation/ Sound lesson: Translations are available by tapping on the "More" button and swiping left on the pop-up screen.

  • Conversation lesson: Please tap on the “Translation” button below the text to view the translation of the entire conversation.

  • Dictionary: This will show you the translations according to the Mother Tongue you have set in the app's settings. You will see the translation below the IPA transcription. (Note: If you have selected 'Others', no translations will be shown)

How can I stay updated with the latest information / promotions on ELSA?

You can find those information by:

  • Like or follow us on Facebook (@elsaspeak) or click here.

  • Follow us on Twitter (@elsaspeak) or click here.

  • Subscribe to our newsletter to receive promotional emails or event updates by clicking here.

Why do I have to study with ELSA?

ELSA Speak is the only English speaking and communication app that can help you correct pronunciation errors to each syllable thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence and proprietary voice recognition, voted as the top 5 applications. In addition, ELSA was rated by Forbes as one of four companies that use A.I. to change the world. With ELSA, you can finally overcome the thick accent caused by your native language and speak English fluently, just like a native American speaker!

How long does it take to notice my improvement?

This will depend on your starting English proficiency level, practice time with ELSA, frequency of your use (i.e. how often you practice with ELSA). We highly recommend sparing at least 10 minutes a day to practice and review lessons to get the best effect in improving your pronunciation.
Typically, our users show good progress after 4-6 weeks (for those who practice 1-2 hours a day). On the other hand, we find that if you practice 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week, you will see significant improvement after only 3-4 months. This doesn't mean you'll be able to speak as well as Americans right away (language-learning is a long journey after all), but our data shows that you'll make significant progress in your articulation.

Does ELSA Speak have face-to-face / online conversation classes with native speakers?

ELSA Speak is an English speaking and communication app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and provide automated feedback to users. Therefore, there won't be any online classes or exchanges with native speakers / teachers offline! However, rest assured as ELSA is able to give advanced feedback to correct any mispronunciations you make!

I am a beginner, can I study with ELSA?

According to linguistic experts, proper pronunciation is the foundation of language-learning. As such, users who have just started the language would find ELSA especially useful to start off their English-learning on the right foot. Up to 80% of English learners focus on their grammar and are fairly good at it but their pronunciation is not standard so communication with native speakers remains a huge fear and issue among learners.
In addition, ELSA lessons are divided into levels from easy to difficult; There are a variety of topics and fields so you can study freely with ELSA, regardless of your starting level!
In the case where you have never spoken English before, we recommend taking some basic grammar classes and studying simultaneously with the ELSA app to work on your pronunciation.

Why do I have to study with ELSA and not English language centers?

The highlights of ELSA you might consider are:

  • Reasonable price

  • Handy: You can study with ELSA anytime, anywhere.

  • Accurate: Many language centers focus on writing and grammar, but often give little attention to speaking. ELSA's sole focus is on forming a strong foundation and understanding of the American pronunciation & speech patterns, thereby significantly improving your articulation and diction. ELSA's A.I evaluates your pronunciations with the highest accuracy, identifies any errors made, and provides advice to correct them.

How many lessons does ELSA have?

Currently, ELSA has over +1400 lessons (with more than 6000 practice exercises) and almost 50 topics.

Has ELSA updated any new lessons?

ELSA updates new content every 2 weeks to 4 weeks (the schedule will vary depending on the time of the year). New topics will be labeled "NEW" in the left corner. Do log in regularly to check the "Topics" section to follow more newly-updated topics.

Can ELSA be used to learn other languages?

ELSA's mission is to help all people speak foreign languages with confidence, which will help people to have a better life and better career opportunities. However, at the moment, ELSA is focusing on developing its English-learning service and may develop lessons for other languages in the future.

What to do when all the lessons have been completed?

After completing the lessons in the Skills/Topics page, you can continue your learning through the following method:
1. Find planets below 80% (or lessons under 3 *) to be able to practice the sounds that you have shown before.
2. Go to ProgressWord bankNeed work to be able to practice words that have not previously achieved a good score.
3. Go to "Topics" to search and review topics related to work and life to get used to speech patterns that can be applied practically in day-to-day conversations.
4. Resetting your learning process. (Your Assessment Test data and customized lesson will be retained. Only the history of the lessons will be deleted, so that lessons can be learnt and evaluated again.
ELSA will update new content every 2 to 4 weeks (the schedule will vary depending on the stage). New topics will be labeled "NEW" in the left corner and you may go to the "Topics" section to stay up to date with the newest content!

How to reset lesson progress?

When you reset the learning progress, all of your lesson history will be deleted and you may relearn all your lessons.
To reset progress: Go to Profile → General settings → select "Reset progress all lesson" → Agree.

What type of games ELSA has?

Sound games/Pronunciation

Listening Multiple-choice

Word stress



ELSA currently has 5 main activities around training and developing your communication & pronunciation skills. These include: Sound games/Pronunciation, Listening Multiple-choice, Word stress, Conversation, Intonation. The app has a total of over 6,000 practice exercises and more than 40 different topics which are updated monthly. You can identify the types of exercises through the icons next to each lesson:

What do the numbers on the lesson planets mean?

  • Number 7/36 on the planet: you have completed 7 lessons out of a total of 36 lessons on this planet.

  • 86% contributed above the planet: shows your native pronunciation level.

What do the arrows "You are here" and "Next lesson" mean?

For iOS devices: The "You are here" arrow will point to the planet where you completed your last lesson
This helps you easily continue the lessons from where you last left off in Elsa!
In addition, to go back to the personalized schedule that Elsa has set before, please click the "Next" lesson button in the blue bar below the planets!
For Android devices: The arrow and the "Next" lesson button will both send you to the next lesson recommended by your customized lesson plan.

What is the difference between the Normal and Advanced learning modes?

Currently, there are two learning modes for pronunciation and conversation lessons.
For Regular Mode: Elsa's scoring system will be based on the accuracy of the underlined sound to guide learners to practice specific sounds and groups of sounds.
For Advanced Mode: The grading system will analyze and evaluate your entire pronunciation of the word(s) so that students can identify which part of the word was mispronounced.

Why does Elsa grade me as Excellent even when I mispronounce certain words?

Currently, for pronunciation and conversation lessons, there are two learning modes for users: Regular and Advanced
For Regular Mode: This might be happening because ELSA's Regular mode only evaluates the underlined part of the exercise to guide learners to practice that specific sound. As such, any mispronunciations in other parts of the exercise will be ignored and you will receive "Excellent" for your practice.
To get more advanced feedback from ELSA, please switch to Advanced Mode.
For Advanced Mode: ELSA will evaluate your pronunciation for the entire exercise so that you can identify part of the word that is not pronounced correctly and make the appropriate correctionions to your pronunciation.

Dictionary feature - usage and limits?

As of now, you can check the pronunciation using the ELSA dictionary for a short paragraph of about 50 characters at a time. ELSA will guide you on how to pronounce the word(s), provide the IPA transcriptions, and meaning (based on the Mother Tongue in your app settings). Please be reminded that searching beyond the character limit will result in the search being cut off.

Does the dictionary have instructions when I read them incorrectly as in the lessons?

The ELSA dictionary will also read the sample for you → Listen to the reader → Evaluate and point out your mistakes and guide you on how to fix them.

How to set up a daily reminder?

You only need to go to: ProfileGeneral settings → Turn on “Daily reminders” → ELSA will send notifications (like Facebook notifications) to you daily at the time you choose to remind you to study. This way, ELSA can help you study regularly and make better progress.

How to change the display language? How to use ELSA in our other available translations?

Go to ProfileEdit ProfileDisplay Language → Select your preferred language → Change the display language successfully.
Currently, we offer the following language options:

  • On iOS: English, Vietnamese, Japanese

  • On Android: English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Hindi, Thai, Indonesian

Can't find ELSA Speak on CH Play / Google play?

Unfortunately, the ELSA Speak app is not yet available in some countries due to national and regional restrictions placed by Google. For affected users, kindly click directly on this link to be able to download the app!

Already paid for the membership via ELSA's website. Why is it still free?

After successful payment, an activation code will be sent to the email account used for the PayPal payment. Kindly check your Inbox/Spam folders for this email. You may then follow the instructions included in the email to redeem your code.

Payment via Paypal / Visa / Master but didn't receive an activation code?

The activation code will be automatically sent to you once the payment is verified successfully. In case you have not received the information, please send us a copy of your receipt and send it to email [email protected] for immediate assistance.

Activation code is not valid

Usually this error is displayed when you enter the code incorrectly, please note to check and try replacing the letter O with 0. Please also ensure all the letters in the code are in CAPITAL.

Activation code has been used

Scenario 1: You have previously activated this code with your Email / Facebook account and wish to reactivate on another device. According to Elsa's policy, each activation code is only valid for 1 use, so you will not be able to re-activate the code. You just need to log back into the correct account to continue using it.
Scenario 2: You have previously activated this code with your Email / Facebook account and wish to activate it on another account. Unfortunately, the application does not currently support students to transfer their registered Pro account to another account. Please send your support request to [email protected] for assistance.
Scenario 3: You activated the code for the first time but encountered the above case, please send your information to the [email protected] mailbox so that our Support Team may look into your case.

Usage on another device, logged in with the correct account but still in Free status?

If you need to use your ELSA Pro account on another device, kindly download the ELSA Speak app and log into your original ELSA Pro account to continue using it.
If the Pro account after logging in is a free account, please perform the following: Go to ProfileClick Buy ELSA Pro → Click Restore purchase. The ELSA PRO account will be successfully restored.

Can't reset password?

According to the privacy policy, each password reset link can only be used once. In the case where the password reset email is sent to your Spam folder, please click on "Move out of spam" so that you may click on the Reset Password button.

Unable to access Pro account / Account is still free despite activation

Make sure you are logged in to the correct account that you used to activate your ELSA PRO code, if you're not sure which account you have activated, ELSA recommends that you try logging out all of the ELSA accounts you have ( email / facebook) and check your Profile.
If, after trying the above methods, you are still unable to access your Pro account, please send the activation code that you have received to [email protected] for assistance.

Is it possible to activate multiple packages at the same time? Can the program continue to activate if the program is still in its current period?

  • Scenario 1: If you have registered for ELSA Pro through Google / Apple store and purchased a new activation code: At this time, please do NOT activate the code. Kindly wait until the end of your current subscription period and cancel the automatic renewal to activate the code. If you activate the code immediately, the remaining days of the previous package will be lost and cannot be restored.

  • Scenario 2: If you signed up for ELSA Pro through Google / Apple store and continue to buy the program on the app: you can change the course immediately. However, your account status will only be updated to your newest subscription after your old subscription has expired.

  • Scenario 3: Redeeming multiple voucher codes: if you have 2 different voucher codes, you may redeem both codes at the same time. For instructions on how to redeem your code, kindly refer to the section "How to activate membership/ voucher code"

Is it possible to activate the curriculum while using a 7-day trial version?

Redeeming your code will not cancel your trial subscription. As such, please refer to the instructions on canceling auto-renewal in the above Payment section to avoid being renewed & charged for your trial subscription.

Why is the audio icon missing (Android device)?

For Android devices, the speaker icon (for sanply audio) will not display if your device has a weak or unstable internet connection.Kindly try connecting to another network or using 3G / 4G while studying with Elsa! The Ideal network speed to use Elsa is between 25 Mbps - 80 Mbps.

Why can't ELSA detect my voice?

This is because you have not granted ELSA Microphone access yet. Upon installation of the app, ELSA will prompt you with a popup requesting you to allow ELSA access to your device's microphone, which you selected "No" to. As such, please manually grant ELSA acceas to your device microphone from the Settings:
For Android phones (e.g. Samsung, Oppo, Sony, Huawei, etc)
1. On your device, open the Settings.
2. Tap on Apps or Application Manager (depending on your device, this may be different).
3. Select ELSA Speak.
4. Tap on Permissions.
5. Turn on Microphone settings
For iOS phones (iPhone / iPad) 1. On your device, open the Settings app.
2. Click on the ELSA Speak Application
3. Next to Microphone rights, tap on the switch to switch on enable the Microphone settings (the switch will turn green)

I gave permission to access the microphone but Elsa still can't detect my voice and is displaying the error "Did you read the entire article, please read it again!"

You might be using ELSA in the wrong conditions such as in the scenarios below:
1. Practicing in a noisy environment => Please try again in a quieter space.
2. Placing the phone / microphone too far from your mouth. Different devices will have a different microphone sensitivity => Place your phone / microphone close to your mouth when recording your voice.
3. Using a Bluetooth headset may interfere with your voice recording => Use a wired headset or your device's internal microphone.
4. Reading too softly: ELSA's voice recognition will not be able to hear and analyze your voice => Read clearly the syllables in the word.

Why can't all text in the lesson be displayed?

If you are unable to see all the text in a lesson with long phrases / sentences, please check your device’s setting for text font size and adjust it accordingly to allow the text to fit your device’s screen.

How to change my account (From Facebook to email, email to Facebook, to another email)

We regret to inform you that as our app does not allow any changes to login email or Facebook at the moment, kindly send a request to [email protected] with the reason for changing your account, so that our Support staff may assist you in deleting your original account and re-issue you an activation code for the remaining duration of the membership in that account.
Please be reminded that your account’s progress and history will not be transferred to your new account.

How to delete an account?

Access our website www.elsaspeak.com/dashboard → Log in to the ELSA account you want to delete → Click on the "Delete Account" button.

When having problems with the application, who should I contact?

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email [email protected]
If you still have further inquiries after going through our FAQ, you may contact our Support Team through the following methods:

  • Email: [email protected] - usually ELSA will respond to you within 24 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

  • Live chat on Facebook page: ELSA Speak Vietnam. You will support replying messages from 9am to 9pm all day.