Frequently Asked Questions

How to learn with ELSA – using the app?

Each person will have their own effective way of learning. However, here are the methods that are considered to be the most effective in optimizing ELSA’s A.I. technology:

  1. Take the “Assessment Test” to create your customized lesson plan.
  2. Study with ELSA regularly: every day: Just 10 minutes/day is sufficient! Follow your lesson plan by tapping on the NEXT button at the main screen (Skills page) → The system will lead you to the next lesson of your study plan. (Don’t forget to go to Profile → Learning & Sound Settings → Turn on “Daily Reminders” so ELSA can remind you to study daily)
  3. Review vocabulary in the Word Bank (Go to Progress → Word Bank)
  4. Practice your pronunciation with words outside of our curriculum by going to the Dictionary → Type the word you want to learn → Pronounce and get instant feedback!

In addition, you may watch our ELSA tutorial video over HERE.

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