Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between ELSA Free and ELSA Pro?

ELSA Free:

1. Two free lessons on each Planet, Topic, and Game type with access to regular feedback.

2. Five free lessons per day

3. AI Dictionary feature which allows you to search for any word, as well as learn and practice pronouncing them.

4. Study sets from ELSA Community to practice vocabulary.

5. Create your personalized Study Sets to improve your vocabulary and get instant feedback on your pronunciation. 

6. Test your English level with the Assessment Test.


  1. Content:
    Access over 5,000 lessons* that are organized into the 22 key skills needed to master English pronunciation.
  2. Ad-Free:
    Your time is valuable. ELSA Pro’s ad-free experience will help you stay focused and complete lessons faster.
  3. Detailed Analysis of Your Speaking Score:
    Leveraging our AI technology, you will be able to quickly identify your top areas for improvement.
  4. Daily Customized Learning Plans
    ELSA delivers a customized learning plan developed uniquely for you to help you make progress quickly.
  5. Track Your Progress
    ELSA tracks your progress so you can see how far you’ve come. You might just surprise yourself with how quickly you’ll grow.

*Some special modules are not included, such as Oxford Business Result and HarperCollins, IELTS.

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