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Leverage ELSA’s world-leading Speech Recognition API for your business’ unique needs.

A game-changing solution
for your education platform

Top ASR in the industry

Give your users world-class speech recognition feedback - a high value feature for language learning.

3x conversion rate

Convert users to paying customers at 3x the industry standard rate, thanks to the interactive and engaging nature of speaking practice with ELSA.

8x user engagement

Keep users engaged for longer. An ELSA user’s average session time is 23 minutes - in the top 10% of language learning apps.

How does ELSA API work?

1API input
  • Unscripted: spontaneous speech where the ELSA server will recognize what the user said and then score it.
  • Scripted: pre-defined text for the user to read and ELSA gives feedback.
2API output

Real-time feedback and recommendations to improve English skills

[Demo] API output feedback

Your Overall Score

Technology that accurately recognizes
and gives feedback to non native speakers

Our AI is constantly advancing with
learners practicing an average of
23 minutes per session

With learners from 195 countries
in the world, our AI trains with a diverse set of non native accent data

95% of users express higher
confidence in speaking English after
practicing for at least 10 minutes
a day for 3 months

ELSA API can detect
speech errors at various levels

Word Pronunciation

Speak the word and get pronunciation feedback for each sound.



Sentence Pronunciation

Receive feedback on your pronunciation, intonation, and fluency on a sentence.

Would you like to try?

/wʊd ju laɪk tə traɪ/

Unscripted Speech

Receive feedback on your pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar & more for your speech.

Express yourself in English and get detailed feedback on your speech.

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