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ELSA is a fun and engaging app specially designed to help you improve your English pronunciation. ELSA's artificial intelligence technology was developed using voice data of people speaking English with various accents. This allows ELSA to recognize the speech patterns of non-native speakers, setting it apart from most other voice recognition technologies.

An AI Coach that Helps You Stay Focused & Motivated

Strict but caring, the ELSA AI Coach pays close attention to every bit of progress you make along the way, and reminds you when you go off track. You will be rewarded for your hard work.

Real-Time Speech Recognition Feedback

We are the first and best speech recognition app designed to evaluate and give feedback on pronunciation and fluency.

Our technology provides immediate, detailed feedback on mistakes, enabling the learner to quickly identify and learn the correct pronunciation.

An Intelligent, Adaptive Learning System

ELSA gets smarter every day!

Our personalized English learning system transforms the traditional language acquisition paradigm with a brand new, self-evolving AI model.
This intelligent algorithm collects and analyses an individual's performance and behavioral data in order to continuously optimize the user's learning path each day.


Word Pronunciation

Speak the word and get pronunciation feedback for each sound.



Sentence Pronunciation

Receive feedback on your pronunciation, intonation, and fluency on a sentence.

Would you like to try?

/wʊd ju laɪk tə traɪ/

Spontaneous Speech

Receive feedback on your pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar & more for your speech.

Express yourself in English and get detailed feedback on your speech.

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ELSA Pro users gain full access to all of ELSA's exclusive lessons and receive daily customized lesson plans from the ELSA AI Coach. They even get a detailed report analyzing their pronunciation, allowing them to improve quickly and efficiently.

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Drive business outcomes and hold a competitive edge on the market by improving your organization’s English proficiency.

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