Boost your students’ confidence in speaking English

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1 in 3 students struggles with speaking English

Offer your student the flexibility of English speaking practice at home with ELSA’s Artificial Intelligence Coach


ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is an English speaking app


ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is an English speaking app

Bring ELSA to Your Classroom

Many students go through years of English education without being able to speak confidently. Gaining confidence takes patience and lots of one-on-one practice.

ELSA takes the pressure away by allowing students to practice at home with our AI coach and receive immediate feedback, therefore helping perfect their speaking skills and boosting their confidence.

Give your students access to 40,000+ speaking exercises

We cover all important speaking skills: pronunciation, fluency, intonation, word stress, listening, and contextual vocabulary. We also provide an IELTS speaking score predictor.

Our app feature 200+ topics and 8,000+ lessons, accessible from any mobile device so your students can practice anywhere with ease.

Create personalized learning paths for your classes

Our world class linguists will tailor the content

Measure students' study time and progress with real-time analytics

Stay up-to-date on minutes and lessons studied, as well as progress by student, class and department.

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What learners talk about us

Learners that use ELSA regularly reported significant improvement in their communication and productivity


Saw an improvement in pronunciation


Felt they spoke more clearly


Expressed higher confidence in speaking english

(*Based on learners who use ELSA for 10 minutes a day for three months.)

Over 50M downloads

in 195 countries

#1 recommended

by ESL teachers world wide

300M exercises


How Elsa Helps

Students boost their performance and confidence in speaking English

ELSA offers students a diverse and updated range of content and resources to improve their English pronunciation in a short period of time.

Instant and precise pronunciation feedback

ELSA's proprietary voice recognition technology, ranked among the top 5 artificial intelligence apps, pinpoints exactly what learners need to improve from individual sounds to intonation and fluency.

Recommended lessons and features

Relevant, updated content and features make lessons interesting and contribute to faster improvement.

Explore more than 200 topics

A variety of topics ranging from Daily Conversation to Work and Career have helped millions of users improve daily life and industry vocabulary.

Multiple pronunciation practice exercises

Each different game type helps students focus on a specific skill, resulting in greater progress.

Dictionary Function

Speak any word and get instant feedback to improve your pronunciation and speaking skills.

Daily personalized lessons with Coach

Recommended daily lessons based on your student’s level of proficiency and interest help accelerate the progress.

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Empower your students

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