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Voice-enabled role-play Limited Limited Unlimited
Realistic speaking practice Limited Limited Unlimited
"Create your own scenario" feature Limited Limited Unlimited
Thousands of bite-sized lessons on various skills and topics Limited



Daily recommended practice no no


Progress tracking & rewards no no


Access to certificate courses: IELTS, Oxford, HarperCollins, EIKEN, Pearson PTE no no


Access to the US Citizenship Test Preparation Course NEW no no


AI-Powered feedback on fluency, grammar, vocabulary, and much more no no


Guided practice for interviews, presentations, and exams no no


Dynamic transcript, paraphrasing feature & vocabulary recommendations no no


Advance Your Conversational English Skills

What’s included in
ELSA Premium

ELSA Pro features for everyday learning


Ad-Free Experience

Detailed Speech Analysis

Customized Learning Plans

Track Your Progress

.  8,000+ bite-sized lessons
.  22 key skill categories
.  NEW lessons regularly
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ELSA Pro is ad-free to keep you focused and save time. Available on mobile app

ELSA’s AI can assess your skill level to help focus your areas for improvement. Available on mobile app

ELSA constantly reassesses your English to customize daily learning plans. Available on mobile app

ELSA tracks your progress so you can see how far you’ve come. You may be surprised by how quickly you’ll grow. Available on mobile app

Real conversations, real progress

1.  Select a real-life scenario or situation

Practice job interviews, small talk, or anything you want. Create your custom situation and role-play today with ELSA AI.

2.  Start speaking English in minutes

Have a realistic conversation with ELSA AI on a topic of your choice!

3.  Keep getting better with live feedback

Once the role play is over, ELSA AI turns into an English tutor and give you detailed feedback on your performance.

Available on mobile app

Certificate Courses

Access to all certificate courses: IELTS, Oxford, HarperCollins, EIKEN, Pearson PTE.

Get feedback live or from a recording with Speech Analyzer

This powerful tool listens to and assesses your speech during video calls, presentations, interviews, or just conversation.

Available on website

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