Frequently Asked Questions

I have purchased a package on a Guest account

If you purchased a package without logging into an account associated with a login credential (Email / Facebook/Google/Apple ID). The account without a login credential is called Guest account.

To solve the issue, you need to access this Guest account and register an email and password to login.

Please follow the steps with the phone you used to purchase this subscription

  1. Log out of the current account to return to the Start screen.

2. Choose an option and press Next to skip the 6 screens below.

3. You will enter the screen “Create an Account to save your Progress.

Create an account by entering a username, an email address, and a password.

Important note: The email you use to register must be NEW, which has never been used to register an account in ELSA before.

After you have finished, please go to your profile, your account status should look like this with the duration of subscription updated. Click “Edit your profile” to view the Email address that you used to register. Remember the login credentials for future access.

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