Frequently Asked Questions

Manage your ELSA account

In Settings, you can manage your account, set your learning goal, contact ELSA support team, and much more. Find settings in your profile >click on your name.

Edit your profile

  • Change profile picture
  • View membership status
  • Change name
  • Change Mother Tongue: to enable translation in your language
  • Change email address (no option to change if your account is registered by Facebook or Apple ID)
  • Change password
  • Change Display Language
  • Delete your account

Learning & Sound Settings:

  • Change learning goal:

+ Casual practice: 5 lessons per day

+ Medium practice: 10 lessons per day

+ Serious practice: 15 lessons per day

  • Change Difficulty: Change the scoring method
  • Change sound effects volume
  • Set the daily reminder time
  • Competitive Mode: to enable or disable Leaderboard

Feedback & Sharing

  • Share ELSA with friends.
  • Reach the team by email.
  • User ID

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