Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a free account and a paid account?

Free account: You can download ELSA app completely free-of-charge and register to start using the free version of ELSA:

  • 2 free lessons on each Planet, Topic, and Game type.
  • AI Dictionary feature which allows you to search for any word, as well as learn and practice pronouncing them.
  • Study sets from ELSA Community to practice vocabulary.
  • Create your personalized Study Sets to improve your vocabulary and get instant feedback on your pronunciation. 
  • Test your English level with the Assessment Test.

Paid account: ELSA Pro membership is accessible all the lessons and content in ELSA Speak: 

  • Over 3,000 lessons organized into the 22 key skills needed to master English pronunciation.
  • ELSA Pro’s ad-free experience will help you stay focused and complete lessons faster.
  • Access to advance feedback and identify your top areas for improvement.
  • ELSA delivers a customized learning plan developed uniquely for you to help you make progress quickly.
  • ELSA tracks your progress so you can see how far you’ve come. You might just surprise yourself with how quickly you’ll grow.

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