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Certificate courses

Starting from Feb 20 2024, all ELSA Premium users will enjoy full access to all book courses, which means you can explore every book we offer at no additional cost. Your access will be determined by the duration of your Premium subscription. For instance, if you have a 1-year Premium subscription, you can enjoy all books for 1 year until your Premium subscription expires.
If you’ve already purchased specific courses before Feb 20, 2024, don’t worry! Your access to those books remains unchanged, and you’ll continue to enjoy lifetime access to them.
If you already have a Pro subscription (1-year, 3 months, 1 month) and would like to upgrade to Premium to get all access to the book courses. Learn how to upgrade from Pro to Premium on this page.

For users who has Conversation Bundle, the certificate courses are not included in the bundle at the moment. Please consider purchase the courses individually to access them.

You can find all the available courses at Home tab > Earn a Certificate or Learn tab

ELSA offers special courses with certificates. Each course contains a number of lessons to prepare you for different goals. Complete the courses to receive the certificate of ELSA.

1. Oxford Business Result

Business Result Second Edition, published by Oxford University Press, is a six-level business English course that gives students the communication skills they need for immediate use at work.

Price: 4.99USD per book; $19.99 for a bundle of 6 books

2. English Exam Preparation Series by HarperCollins

Prepare yourself for TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS exams:
– TOEIC by HarperCollins
– TOEFL by HarperCollins
– Speaking for IELTS by HarperCollins
– Get ready for IELTS by HarperCollins

Price: 5.99USD/book; $19.99 for a bundle of 4 books

3. Introduction to IELTS

ELTS bands 6,7 and 9: Prepare yourself for the IELTS speaking test. 

Pricing: 4.99 USD/band and 12.99 USD for all 3 bands

4. EIKEN (Grade 3 & Pre-2)

Get ready for your EIKEN exam with this exam preparation course! Learn the vocabulary and sharpen your speaking skills with games and exercises exclusively designed for EIKEN!

Price: 4.99 USD

5. Pearson PTE Academic Expert

Carefully curated by the teams at ELSA and Pearson, this course covers the topics and skills needed to pass PTE. Essential vocabulary and necessary skills are taught through well-thought-out exercises and conversations that will advance your English and boost your confidence.

Price: 4.99 USD/book or $8.99 for 2 books.

Certificates for completed courses:

View the certificate in the Profile tab > Achievements > Certificates

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