Frequently Asked Questions

Why was I automatically charged on my account after payment for a voucher code?

This can happen when users register for the 7-day Trial and forget to cancel their trial subscription before it was renewed to a 3-month subscription plan. Under Apple’s / Google Play’s purchase policy, a notification would have been sent to users to remind them of an incoming charge for the 3-month subscription. 

In addition, as Apple’s and Google Play’s payment systems work separately from our voucher code redemption system, Apple/Google Play will not automatically cancel users’ subscriptions after they have redeemed their voucher codes. As such, upon purchase of the voucher code, an email would be sent to users reminding them to cancel any existing subscriptions they may have to avoid being renewed & charged for it.

In accordance with the privacy policy of users from Apple/Google, ELSA is not able to cancel users’ subscriptions directly. Should you have been charged for the 3-month subscription, kindly refer to How to cancel my subscription and request a refund in the section above.

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