Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of ELSA subscriptions (Pro and Premium and Conversation Bundle)

I. Differences between Pro and Premium and Conversation Bundle:

FeaturesProPremiumConversation Bundle
7,100+ ELSA lessons in 40 topicsYes YesNo
Access to Coach featureYesYesNo
Advanced Feedback YesYesNo
Role-Plays of ELSA AlTotal 3 roleplaysUnlimitedUnlimited
Access to Speech Analyzer WebNoYesUnlimited
Access to Certificate CoursesNoYesNo
Subscription durationLifetime, yearly, quarterly, monthly
Yearly, quarterly
Who can purchase?Free usersFree users or Pro users of 1 year/3 months/1 month subscriptionOnly Pro Lifetime users

II. Upgrade options:

1. For Pro users with recurring subscriptions (yearly, quarterly, monthly):

If you already have a Pro subscription ( recurring subscriptions by yearly, quarterly, monthly) and would like to upgrade to Premium to access Premium benefits. Please visit this page to learn how to upgrade from Pro to Premium on this page.

2. For Pro Lifetime users:

There is no option to upgrade to premium for Lifetime Pro users.

If you are interested in having ELSA AI and Speech Analyzer features, consider getting the Conversation Bundle. This exclusive add-on, available for Pro Lifetime members, grants lifetime access to both ELSA AI and Speech Analyzer while maintaining your Pro Lifetime membership.

Please contact us at [email protected] for assistance in purchasing Conversation Bundle.


  • Conversation Bundle provides Unlimited Lifetime Access to ELSA AI feature in ELSA app and Speech Analyzer web.
  • Conversation Bundle is exclusive for users with Pro Lifetime subscription to purchase.
  • Certificate courses are not included in the Conversation Bundle. To have the certificate courses, you are required to purchase them individually from the ELSA app.

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